Our Story – baselinecars

The dealership

Recently, lotus cars developed into cult cars which spark more and more interest. At the very latest since the cessation of production in 2021, these cars turned into popular collectibles with a high price stability.

We buy and sell these cult cars since 2009, especially the later models starting with the Lotus Elise. In the beginning, we traded mostly rightxhand driven cars, that has changed within the years and by now, we buy and sell Lotus cars all over Europe, sometimes even overseas. If you think of buying or selling a Lotus, you can be sure to have found the right trader within us. Being one of the biggest Lotus cars resellers, we always have a big selection of cars available.

baselinecars Team

No matter if you are looking for a Lotus Elise, Exige, Evora or another model, a Rover or Toyota engine, a left- or a right-hand driven car: you will find the right one with us. And if not, we will be happy to help you finding it. 


The workshop

Since 2010, we are additionally running our own car workshop focused on repairing or remodelling Lotus cars. Every one of our cars is being tested here. No matter if you are looking for Service, optimisation or repair, your British roadster (of course also any other car brand) is in best hands with us. As an official Dekra support point, we are able to perform the “Hauptuntersuchung”, the official  German general inspection. 

Now it’s your turn: dream on or pilot the legend!

Yours sincerely, Marc Zabel — baselinecars