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Repair and Tuning

Our experienced and expert team takes care of anything with wheels. Basically, we are open to all kinds of cars. Being one of the greatest lotus car dealers in Germany, one of our main focus is on this particular brand. But, no matter if you wish for an oil change or a complex repair after a crash- any sort of car is welcome here.

Below you can see some of our before/after examples.


Lotus Elise Cup 250

This 2019 Elise Cup250 was bought with a GRP damage. The rear clam has been replaced and the front clam has been restored. We replaced the carbon parts and luckily, neither the Cassis nor the suspension were impaired.

Lotus Elise 111

We bought this right hand drive Elise 111 with a front and rear damage, which additionally to our repair, we transformed into a green metallic painted left hand drive.

Lotus 2 Eleven

At first, the damage of this 2- Eleven didn’t seem that serious but, as it turned out, the front clam was severely harmed. As we weren’t able to obtain a replacement, we sculptured a new one and in our opinion, it even better looking than before as the S2 blinker finally fitted well. The two tine varnish was flawless and we replaced the crash structure with a new one. Aside, we transformed the car into a left hand drive. The 2-Eleven foliation was a challenge as it was hard to find. All in all, now its a rare, fast and beautiful big toy.

Our Range of Services

You can find all of our Services below:


  • Hauptuntersuchung and Abgasuntersuchung (HU and AU): the German vehicle inspection certificates
  • Approval and accreditation of non standard parts
  • Manufacturer approved service
  • Valuation

Remodelling and Tuning

  • Tyres and under-carriage
  • Exhaust
  • Brakes
  • Left hand drive conversion
  • Engine optimisation and tuning
  • Foliation


  • Diagnosis
  • Mechanism, electrics, electronics
  • Manufacturer approved restoration after accidents
  • GRP repairs
  • Car body repairs
  • Varnishing
  • Glass repairs
  • Gear service
  • Wheel rim repair
  • Smart repairs


  • car remodelling and professional care
  • Tyre change and storage
  • Car winter storage
  • Pick und and delivery service
  • Car rental


By experience we know, that it’s not always easy to find the matching insurance for a Lotus car. In almost any cases, we were and will be able to find a fitting one. Feel free to consult us, we will be happy to help you.


You don’t feel like paying at once or cash for your new Lotus? No Problem! We will find a customized funding for you.